05 March 2010

North Korea drew Venezuela

CARACAS, Venezuela (AP)—World Cup qualifier North Korea, wearing borrowed uniforms, played a 1-1 draw with Venezuela on Thursday in a friendly that was ended after 80 minutes due to darkness.

North Korean defender Pak Nam Chol gave the Koreans a 1-0 lead in the seventh minute, with Angelo Pena equalizing in the 43rd.

The match began two hours late after the North Koreans declined to play in the middle of the afternoon when temperatures reached 36C (97F) in the small city of San Felipe in the northwest of the country.

In additon to the delay in starting the match, the North Koreans said their uniforms were lost in transit, forcing them to wear a kit borrowed from Venezuela’s national team.

The two countries will play another match on Saturday in the coastal city of Puerto La Cruz.


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