17 April 2011

North Korea Women`s NT beat China

Friendly against China today in Qingdao , China.

North Korea Women`s NT won 1-0.They play another match (closed door) against China on Tuesday

11 April 2011

Three wins for North Korea

North Korea beat Afghanistan 2-0 and Nepal drew Sri Lanka 0-0 in the last matches in group in Nepal.

Nepal and North Korea qualify for AFC Challenge Cup finals next year.

Finalists :

North Korea

10 April 2011

DPR Korea Coach Yun Jong Su Says He Enjoys The Match

DPR Korea Coach Yun Jong Su said that he completely enjoyed the match aganst Nepal in the AFC Challenge Cup Qualifiers on Saturday.

Speaking at the post match conference, Su said with the help of translator, "I enjoyed the match. Nepalese players didn't give up and they worked very hard".

Su also said that clinical finishing was the only problem in his side.

"We squandered at least three clear goal scoring chances. Nepalese goalkeeper was too lucky to save those chances", Su added.

Su also promised that his boys would play their best to beat Afghansitan in their final match on Monday.

DPR Korea are already qualified to the final round of AFC challenge Cup.

"I want to promise all Nepalese football fans that our team would play competitive football against Afghanistan and win with clear margin", Su concluded.


DPR Korea Lies To Nepali Media; Eight World Cuppers In The Team


Why did they lie to the Nepalese media? We have found out that DPR Korea are playing this AFC Challenge Cup Qualifiers with eight World Cuppers participated in 2010 FIFA WC in South Africa.

In the pre-match conference before the qualifiers, team assistant coach Pong Gi had informed Nepalese media that they were here with just three World Cup Players.

While comparing the FIFA 2010 WC list and current AFC Challenge Cup list, we find out eight Players!

For the proof:

FIFA World Cup List:

1 RI Myong Guk 09/09/1986 GK Pyongyang City (PRK)
2 CHA Jong Hyok 25/09/1985 DF Amrokgang (PRK)
3 RI Jun Il 24/08/1987 DF Sobaeksu (PRK)
4 PAK Nam Chol 02/07/1985 MF April 25 (PRK)
5 RI Kwang Chon 04/09/1985 DF April 25 (PRK)
6 KIM Kum Il 10/10/1987 MF April 25 (PRK)
7 AN Chol Hyok 27/06/1987 FW Rimyongsu (PRK)
8 JI Yun Nam 20/11/1976 DF April 25 (PRK)
9 JONG Tae Se 02/03/1984 FW Kawasaki Frontale (JPN)
10 HONG Yong Jo 22/05/1982 FW FK Rostov (RUS)
11 MUN In Guk 29/09/1978 MF April 25 (PRK)
12 CHOE Kum Chol 09/02/1987 FW April 25 (PRK)
13 PAK Chol Jin 05/09/1985 DF Amrokgang (PRK)
14 PAK Nam Chol 03/10/1988 DF Amrokgang (PRK)
15 KIM Yong Jun 19/07/1983 MF Pyongyang City (PRK)
16 NAM Song Chol 07/05/1982 DF April 25 (PRK)
17 AN Yong Hak 25/10/1978 MF Omiya Ardija (JPN)
18 KIM Myong Gil 16/10/1984 GK Amrokgang (PRK)
19 RI Chol Myong 18/02/1988 MF Pyongyang City (PRK)
20 KIM Myong Won 15/07/1983 GK Amrokgang (PRK)
21 RI Kwang Hyok 17/08/1987 DF Kyonggongop (PRK)
22 KIM Kyong Il 11/12/1988 MF Rimyongsu (PRK)
23 PAK Sung Hyok 30/05/1990 MF Sobaeksu (PRK)

** Bold Are The Players who participated in the FIFA WC, according to the FIFA team list.

AFC Challenge Cup 2011 Qualifiers Team List:

PAK NAM CHOL DF (WC)(Pak Chol Jin)


09 April 2011

Pics - Nepal vs North Korea

Pictures by: Sudarshan Ranjit www.goalnepepal.com

Nepal 0-1 North Korea FT

North Korea won 1-0 against Nepal.

Live report goalnepal.com

Afghanistan won 1-0 against Sri Lanka.

Match summary

Standings :

North Korea 6 points
Nepal 3 points
Afghanistan 3 points
Sri Lanka 0 points

07 April 2011

North Korea win 4-0

North Korea won 4-0 against Sri Lanka in the first match in AFC Challenge Cup in Nepal. HT score was 3-0.

Nepal beat Afghanistan 1-0 in the second match today.

06 April 2011

Breaking News: DPR Korea Have Three World Cuppers

DPR Korea have revealed that they have three World Cuppers in the team....

Ri Kwang Chon (CDF), Ri Myong Guk and Pak Nam Chol (DF) are here in Nepal with the team.

DPR Korea assistant coach Ra Pong Gi informed that half of the AFC Asian Cup squad are ready to give surprise in this AFC challenge cup qualifiers.

"We have three World Cup players and half of our team members have participated in the AFC Asian Cup", Ri Pong added, "but they are young. We have reshuffled the team after the FIFA World Cup. We are giving more match experience to our boys".

Pong Gi also mentioned that Asian Rooney didn't travel with the team because he is injured.

"We are taking this tournament very seriously", Pong gi answered when he was asked how serious is his team.

"We don't underestimate to any. Nepal, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka are no exception", Pong Gi added.

"every team will have their own strategies. We also have ours. It varies in every match", Gi added.

When asked him about the match against Sri Lanka, Pong Gi said, "As I said earlier, we are not taking any team lightly. We will play our usual game".


05 April 2011

North Korea ready for AFC Challenge Cup

North Korea have arrived Kathmandu , Nepal and are ready for AFC Challenge Cup group stage.

North Korea will take on Sri Lanka at Halchwok Stadium on 7. April, Nepal on 9. April and Afghanistan on 11. April.

Top two advance to AFC Challenge Cup finals next year where the winner will get a place in Asian Cup finals.

North Korea preliminary squad