19 July 2010

AFC President`s expectations of the Cholima

Pyongyang: AFC President is confident that DPR Korea will turn in a head-turning performance in the AFC Asian Cup Qatar 2011.

Meeting four stalwarts of the DPR Korea national team, which recently played in the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa, Bin Hammam said a great performance was expected from the AFC Challenge Cup 2010 winners.

Cha Jong-hyok, Ri Myong-guk, Pak Chol-jin and Kim Yong-jon heard the AFC President voice his expectations of the Chollima.

"I watched you play against Brazil and I was not the only one full of praise for your performance," said Bin Hammam. "Your individual performance was really good."

The AFC President said he was expecting the team to give its best in Doha.

"The AFC Asian Cup will be held in my city Doha this time. You have my full support, but of course after my home country Qatar," said Bin Hammam. "I am sure you will not let me down."

DPR Korea qualified for the AFC Asian Cup Qatar 2011 after winning the AFC Challenge Cup title earlier this year in Sri Lanka.

The Chollima have been grouped with UAE, Iran and reigning champions Iraq.


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