06 April 2011

Breaking News: DPR Korea Have Three World Cuppers

DPR Korea have revealed that they have three World Cuppers in the team....

Ri Kwang Chon (CDF), Ri Myong Guk and Pak Nam Chol (DF) are here in Nepal with the team.

DPR Korea assistant coach Ra Pong Gi informed that half of the AFC Asian Cup squad are ready to give surprise in this AFC challenge cup qualifiers.

"We have three World Cup players and half of our team members have participated in the AFC Asian Cup", Ri Pong added, "but they are young. We have reshuffled the team after the FIFA World Cup. We are giving more match experience to our boys".

Pong Gi also mentioned that Asian Rooney didn't travel with the team because he is injured.

"We are taking this tournament very seriously", Pong gi answered when he was asked how serious is his team.

"We don't underestimate to any. Nepal, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka are no exception", Pong Gi added.

"every team will have their own strategies. We also have ours. It varies in every match", Gi added.

When asked him about the match against Sri Lanka, Pong Gi said, "As I said earlier, we are not taking any team lightly. We will play our usual game".


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  1. one time I had opportunity to meet Ri Myong Guk and I was impressed that he was a very humble person and accessible to talk to, he was a nice guy