06 October 2013

AFC Women's U16 : China 1-3 DPR Korea

Nanjing: Ri Hae-yon scored a double as DPR Korea advanced to the final of the AFC U-16 Women’s Championship 2013 in their 3-1 win over hosts China at the Jiangning Sports Centre on Thursday.
Midfielder Ju Hyo-sim opened the scoring on 35 minutes to give the Koreans the lead and just as the hosts were looking hard for a chance to equalise, Ri-Song-ho’s side scored again through Ri Hae-yon four minutes before the break.
China's Qin Manman then took it one down as she bulged the Koreans' net 11 minutes after the interval.
Ri Hae-yon, who had scored three goals against Jordan and one in their 10-0 routing of Chinese Taipei in the group stages, scored again against Gao Hong’s side seven minutes before the final whistle to compete her double in the game.

“We were very tensed and over excited in the beginning but after the first goal, we could play as I expected,” said Ri-Song-ho. “But in the second half, China managed to score one goal from our mistake and the match went to a very difficult way again.

“But our players never gave up and could score the one more goal to secure the win. I am so happy to win today and there’s one more match to win in this tournament. I want to concentrate on recovering first and will do our best to become a champion.”

“DPR Korea is a very indomitable team,” said China’s coach Gao. “They gave us a lot of pressure since the beginning of the game. They limited our organising in the midfield and possession of the ball. We were facing a very difficult situation in the first half.

“There was a free kick which caused a goal against us which was accidental. Our plan was to make DPR Korea fatigued through possessing the ball. If we could keep 0-0 in the first half it would’ve been better for us.

“We lost two in the first half so we changed our tactic in the second half. We tried to push more into their goal area and it turned out effective. We required a high-quality free kick which meant to kick it quick and short, especially around the goal area. We implemented well and scored.

“We will play with Thailand or Japan in the 3rd/4th place match. We have to win to qualify for the FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup 2014. I trust our players and I believe we have the ability to win the ticket of the World Cup.”


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