13 May 2010

North Korea Team for World Cup

The official 23 players list for World Cup :

Some surprises here , just 3 foreign based players on the list :

An Yong Hak (Omiya Ardija, Japan)
Jong Tae Se (Kawasaki Frontale, Japan)
Hong Young Ho (FK Rostov,Russia)

Only 23 players on the list , other nations have chosen to give a list of 30 players that will be reduced to 23 on 1. June.

FIFA official list

North Korea squad: Kim Myong Gil (Amrokgang), Kim Myong Won (Amrokgang), Ri Myong Guk (Pyongyang City), An Chol Hyok (Rimyongsu), An Yong Hak (Omiya Ardija), Cha Jong Hyok (Amrokgang), Choe Kum Chol (April 25), Hong Yong Jo (FK Rostov), Ji Yun Nam (April 25), Jong Tae Se (Kawasaki Frontale), Kim Kum Il (April 25), Kim Kyong Il (Rimyongsu), Kim Yong Jun (Pyongyang City), Mun In Guk (April 25), Nam Song Chol (April 25), Pak Chol Jin (Amrokgang), Pak Nam Chol (April 25), Pak Nam Chol (Amrokgang), Pak Sung Hyok (Sobaeksu), Ri Chol Myong (Pyongyang City), Ri Jun Il (Sobaeksu), Ri Kwang Chon (April 25), Ri Kwang Hyok (Kyonggongop).


  1. Dude, this one is incorrect at least in Kim Yong-Jun's team. He departed from Chengdu in 2008 and is probably playing somewhere in NK.

    Also, J. League should be represented only by three players, Tese, Ryang and Ahn.

  2. Thanks ! Corrected now . I have published the official list from FIFA now, hopefully this is correct. I dont understand why North Korea only listed 23 players while other nations choose 30 players and reduce this to 23 in the end of this month.